Resident Learning Resources

This is a listing of online resources that residents may use for supplementary learning.
Please submit other helpful learning resources that you’d like to see posted here via the website contact form or by email to the Site Curriculum Faculty or Site Coordinator

**UPDATE – September 21, 2021**

covid-19 resources:

Group Learning:

  • Academic Half-days at other UBC FP sites
    Kelowna residents are invited to join virtual AHDs happening at other sites across the province. Contact your Site Coordinator for details if you are interested.
  • McMaster Modules
    **NOTE: Consider running virtual sessions of 3-6 residents at a time. Every resident at UBC should have access to these excellent modules. Contact your Site Coordinator or Curriculum Faculty by email if you do not have access.
  • McMaster Evidence Alerts
  • Rural Rounds Videoconference


  • UBC Family Practice Video Lecture Repository
    Watch recorded lectures from other site AHDs on a multitude of topics. Requires CWL to log in. If direct link doesn’t work, follow this filepath from Entrada front page: / Courses / Family Practice Postgraduate Program / Video Recordings