Preceptor Manual

This is a collection of streamlined information for new or experienced preceptors and rotation coordinators who are working with the UBC FP Residency.  Some of this information is practical; some is information we need to share with preceptors for accreditation.  If you are new, it would be helpful to look at all of this briefly.  If you are experienced, you will hopefully be able to quickly find the specific information you are looking for.  Don’t worry about the details, just continue to be the great teachers you are.  Thank you for your contribution to our future Family Physicians.

Remember, for “OFFICIAL”  UBC SITE INFORMATION go to ENTRDA login link Here you will find schedules & details which have to be in a password protected environment

What do our Residents need to learn? (besides “everything”!)  Look at the Curriculum Objectives Page and Priority topics through out the year, and have your resident look at them too.  Found here:

What skills do our Residents need? (besides “many”)  Review the CanMEDS-RM Roles and Read the Skill Dimensions Summary below

Visit the CFPC website for more information. As well review the Indigenous Supplement

Where can I learn more specific teaching skills?  You are all natural teachers, and we want you to feel free to use your own teaching methods you have acquired during your own learning, and during past teaching encounters.  As with everything, brushing up on skills from time to time will make teaching easier and more interesting for both you and your learners.  Here is a link to the UBC FP Teaching resources  Here you will find “Competency Based Clinical Teaching in 5 Basic Steps” , a good document to review periodically.

How do I know if my Resident is functioning at the level they should be? Resident Benchmarks (i.e. What should I expect from a FP Resident at 6 mos, 12 mos, 18 mos, 24 mos?)

How do I complete evaluation forms? One45 ITARS TRES2

One45 – to complete evaluations

T-RES (Field notes) website Here you can print reports which can be used to discuss progress and learning plans with your resident.

What are “Scholar Projects”? In the R1 year Residents do a Quality Improvement Project (for which they can use 10 hours of clinical time during their FP rotation) – Read document below.  

In the R2 year they do a Research Project – see here for details


Aka some useful checklists and information for teaching. These have been contributed from other R1 FP Preceptors, poached and adapted from other sites, or found by me during my faculty development sleuthing.

When your Residents communication skills need some tweaking and you are not sure what it is that is not quite right … get a check list from or download the document below…

Handshake Documents: For you and your resident to complete at any time to see what could be done to improve their learning experience in your office