Archived Kelowna teaching Information

2019 July to 2020 June

2020 Jun 23 R1 FP Preceptor Zoom Meeting Thank you for those to joined in for this. It was great discussion and it helped to known that all of us have the same concerns about the upcoming year. Most of have, however, navigated to a new normal, and are seeing more and more patients in person… and we are all going to try modelling a positive attitude towards the changes when we have our residents with us. Those with R1 FP blocks in July will share their challenges and successes with us at our fall meeting.

We are planning for another Resident & Preceptor learning / sharing session (Wed July 22 or 29th) For this to work, the time would have to be 4 pm at the earliest.  Ideally 5 or 6 pm.  Some preceptors found it difficult to attend previously due to the timing.


2020 Jun 08 Tips for online teaching sessions. Here are a couple great documents from UBC Family Practice


2020 Jun 03 Answering the question about residents seeing patients with potential, or test positive COVID. As per our program director: Residents are expected to care for patients suspected and confirmed Covid positive while adhering to PPE guidelines provided by BCCDC and by extension the health authorities. Exemption for (all) residents is only for resuscitation scenarios involving Covid positive patients. For more information: Here is a link to the Post Grad Medicine Site You can scroll down to the questions “I am a medical resident…..”


2020 Jun 02 Here is a link to a recording of a webinar presented 2020 Jun 02 by the Section of Teachers – CFPC: Layered Learning: Integrating learners into your clinical practice. This may be useful for those of you who teach in teams with residents and medical students of various levels, or if you have a resident and a medical student in your office at the same time. From 23-38 minutes of the video they talk about some specific teaching methods – useful for team based learning. If you turn on the “chat replay” you will see some useful comments from participants.

2020 Jun 02 Here is a summary of tips that Dr. Janet Evans shared with us after our Zoom meeting in May, where she shared her knowledge and experience with virtual care. Thank you Janet!

2020 Jun 02 Every spring and fall I host R1 FP Preceptor and a Rotation Coordinator dinners at my home. It is a time for sharing teaching tips and challenges. Sharing of ideas has improved resident experiences in FP offices and on rotations at KGH. This time together is invaluable. Unfortunately we had to cancel the spring 2020 dinners due to COVID. I am hoping we will be able to gather in the fall. In the meantime, I would be delighted to meet you one on one, or host small interested groups (with appropriate social distancing). Please contact me it you would like to meet. Check back here for updates.